Pro DJ software for mobile. Finally.

There are many DJ apps available. But only DJ Player stands out for its
focus on usability, pro features, performance and stability.

DJ Player for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The only serious alternative to laptop DJing.

Build your dream DJ setup

DJ Player is the world's most flexible DJ solution. Use it standalone, or in any combination of the touchscreen, external mixers, MIDI controllers, sound cards and vinyl (DVS).

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"... the iOS power user’s DJ software of choice ... If Algoriddim’s DJay is the Serato of iOS DJing, then DJ Player is definitely the Traktor." - Digital DJ Tips

Superpowered technology

DJ Player outperforms all the expensive, shiny gear you see at music festivals. It provides desktop-grade performance on your mobile device.

The world’s most expensive DJ hardware, the CDJ Nexus can’t meet DJ Player's exacting standards of waveform refresh rate at 60 Hz.

Free download on the App Store

"Excellent performance and sound ... the most legitimate consideration available for using an iPad (or iPads) to DJ instead of a laptop." - DJ TechTools

No toys, please!

No virtual on-screen hardware, no toy-like turntables. Everything just where you need it and nothing that won't work in a club.

Free download on the App Store

"DJ Player truly is the “premium” DJ app that it claims to be, and I highly recommend it to those looking for a professional grade DJ app." - Crossfadr

EDM DJs and classic DJs

Manual beat-matching, tempo sync and beat sync are supported, the entire spectrum is available.

Purist DJs can even hide the bpm value. Pitch bend is available in all modes.

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Scratch DJs

Touchscreen scratching interfaces WTF?

DJ Player supports most timecode vinyl formats (relative mode), extended with DVS FX and MIDI-mappable multi-deck control.

You can use MIDI jog wheels as well, which we designed to feel very tight with low latency.

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Resident and wedding DJs

Unlike other mobile DJ apps, displaying, sorting, searching and filtering happens within a fraction of a second, regardless of the size of your music library.

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"DJ Player has just raised the bar considerably, as well as the expectations of the masses following this amazing progress ... this is exciting stuff." - DJWORX

New DJs, instructions?

DJ Player is the most efficient, cheapest and fastest way to try and begin with DJing, so you can quickly get to success without investing too much time or money.

And we made a free book for You, which is also the "instruction manual" for DJ Player.

Download the book

Tech Specs

DJ Player has a complete implementation of the common deck, effect and mixer functions. It's a fully featured DJ booth.

  • 2 or 4 decks, internal or external mixer modes
  • 3 fx slots per deck, choose from: roll, whoosh, jet, lofi, gate, low/high/band/peak filters, echo, reverb
  • 3-band equalizer (-100 db to +6 db), channel fader, gain, lp/hp filter, crossfader with adjustable curves
  • manual and auto looping
  • key lock/time stretching and pitch shifting on all iOS models
  • automatic beatgrid and bpm detection
  • tempo sync, beat sync, manual beatmatching, tempo control with multiple ranges, fine adjust, fader bend, pitch bend
  • beat synchronized jumping
  • scratching (best with DVS or MIDI jog wheel)
  • slip mode, slip scratching or slip reverse
  • 8 cue/loop points
  • MIDI control, integrated MIDI monitor and mapping
  • relative DVS control
  • multi-route/USB audio support, AirPlay
  • split-cable support with stereo recording
  • direct music library access
  • Deezer and Dropbox integration
  • history, queue
  • recording with tracklist text file, export via iTunes File Sharing
  • lowest latency and jitter
  • many customization options in settings
  • compatible with all iOS devices from the iPhone 3GS and the first iPad

Plug-and-play support:

  • Pioneer DDJ-SB
  • Allen&Heath: XONE:K2
  • Hercules: DJ Control Air(+), DJControl Instinct, RMX2
  • iCon: iDJ
  • iON: iDJ 2 GO
  • Numark: iDJ Live, iDJ Pro, N4, Mixtrack Pro, Mixtrack Pro II
  • Reloop: Terminal Mix 2
  • Stanton: DJC.4
  • Vestax: Spin2, VCI-400

DJ Player works with every USB Class Compliant MIDI controller and sound card, you can create your own mappings.

USB devices

  • Use the Camera Connection Kit or the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter to connect USB devices. Always use the original from Apple, third-party adapters have instability problems.
  • "The connected USB device requires too much power." Use a powered USB hub in this case.
  • Connect multiple USB MIDI devices with a powered USB hub. Modern hubs with USB 3.0 support and a strong power adapter are recommended.
  • iOS can handle just one USB audio device at a time.
  • A USB device must be driverless and USB Class Compliant to be compatible with iOS. Not every USB device is designed according to this standard (unfortunately).
  • Controllers by Native Instruments are not MIDI, they use a custom closed protocol. It's only the driver you install on your computer creating a virtual MIDI device. As you can not install drivers on iOS, Traktor DJ is the only software able to communicate with their controllers. Native Instruments sound cards work great with DJ Player!